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General Timetable of the Design Study  

The Design Study will proceed according to a detailed schedule for the major study outputs, bringing together the work of different working teams in an integrated fashion.

After a first consultation phase with the user community, the Steering Committee will establish common guidelines for the data collection. On this basis, the separate teams will develop data collection instruments for the pilot study. After these have been approved by both the Steering and Data Committee, they will be re-checked, translated and fielded. In the case of survey instruments, once the survey data are delivered, the consistency of coding across countries will be checked and summarised in a report on the quality of the data. Analogous procedures will be followed for other data components. During the final phases of the design study, respective teams will evaluate the study and provide reports outlining the technical and design aspects in their study component. This report will serve as an input for the scientific evaluation. A final conference will evaluate the added value of the database for the European social scientific community and other stakeholders. The conceptual design report will assess the scientific and technological infrastructure of a future infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union.

The project has a more detailed timetable for the development and implementation of data collections instruments. It consists of

  1. Invitation to propose survey questions/coding categories: Kick-off Meeting and 1st User Community Conference, 20-23 February 2008
  2. Official start date for proposing questions/categories, start of Open Forum: 15 April 2008
  3. Consultation/discussion period in the Open Forum: 15 April - 14 June 2008
  4. Steering Committee (SC) selects proposals: June 2008
  5. Guidelines to teams: July 2008
  6. Core modules of data collection instruments finalized: February 2009
  7. Final approval of data collection instruments: March 2009
  8. Translation exercise completed: May 2009
  9. Sampling implementation: May 2009
  10. Fieldwork completed: July 2009
  11. Reports on survey quality: January-June 2010
  12. Pre-relesase of data: January-March 2010 (see release plan)
  13. Final Conference and 2nd User Community Conference: 18-19 November 2010
  14. Final Data released: April 2011 (see release plan)
  15. Conceptual design report: April 2011


Page updated: 18/03/11
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