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Steering Committee  

The Steering Committee (SC) co-ordinates the project under the control of, and in compliance with the decisions of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee assumes overall responsibility towards the General Assembly for liaison between the Parties for analysing and approving the results generated under the teams. Furthermore, the Steering Committee will be responsible for the general co-ordination of activities across the different Work Packages; the development and delivery of the research projects and of supporting dissemination activities; the co-ordination of periodic reports to be delivered to the Commission; making proposals to the partners for review and/or amendment of the terms of the contract; and taking initiatives (should they be needed) to replace ‘defaulting’ partners or to block payments to defaulting partners.

The Consortium Steering Committee is composed of the Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Mark Franklin, who will chair the Committee, Sara Hobolt as Deputy Chair of the SC responsible for project integration, one representative of each instrument design team (normally the named team leaders); four members of the user community; Bruno de Witte as ‘legal adviser’; and Richard Spady as ‘economic adviser’ and representative of potential users in the economics community of scholars.

The Steering Committee will meet in conjunction with the opening and closing conferences and in between when needed. Otherwise, it will hold virtual meetings and consult electronically. The precise details of these and other ‘constitutional arrangements’ are defined in the PIREDEU Consortium Agreement.

Members of the Steering Committee

Page updated: 11/03/08
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