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Data and Publications

The scientific and technical feasibility of a full research infrastructure on electoral democracy within in the European Union is investigated by means of a pilot study conducted in the context of the 2009 elections to the European parliament that will collect all of the relevant types of data in all 27 EU member states, providing the initial content for a prototype database. After the five separate data sets from the pilot study are collected, the data is being post-processed (adding instruments of analytic value such as scale scores), integrated in databases, and made available to the social science community. The final conference organised on 18 and 19 November 2010 included ‘proof of concept’ validation sessions for the infrastructure viewing software. At the conference, users were asked to present research papers based on the data and thus demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed infrastructure for audiing the functioning of democracy in the EU.

The pre-relase data is available after registration (registration is no longer possible) on this website. The final release of the data is available at GESIS, see their website on PIREDEU.

The aim of this Design Study was not to produce scientific books and articles on the core themes of the PIREDEU project, though such publications were es a by-product of the study. Contracted output by PIREDEU was limited to two progress reports and a finaxpected al report that provided an overview on the major project achievements. These reports are not publicly available.

However, two publicly available brochures (short version pdf - 950KB; long version pdf - 1.2MB] provide a summary on what has been done during the three project years..

At the same time, we are providing an extensive bibliography which includes the scientific output of past European Election Studies as well as relevant publications of the researchers involved in this Design Study. PIREDEU is grateful for the collection of bibligraphical references provided by European Election Studies in connection to the EES from 1979 to 2004. Additions to this database are welcomed by everyone who would like to contribute to this extensive resource on European Election Studies. Relevant keywords are: European elections as well as Political Parties, Electoral Behaviour, Media, Candidates, Party Manifestos, all with a European dimension. If you want to add a publication, follow this link.

It is foreseen that this bibliography will be kept updated also after the end of the funding period (February 2008 – January 2011).

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