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Partners and Institutions of the PIREDEU Study

The participants in the design study have been carefully assembled so as to constitute a compact and effective consortium capable of achieving the design study’s objectives.

PIREDEU brings together different teams experienced in investigating the behaviour of the relevant collective actors – political elites, political parties, mass media, and citizens – teams which will coordinate their activities in engaging on this study. Members of the mass survey team include political scientists, sociologists and communication scientists who have been involved in European Parliament election studies since the very first such election in 1979. The candidate survey team is the one that conducted a candidate study at the time of the 1994 European Parliament elections. The media study team is the same team which has engaged in studies of the media at European Parliament elections in 1999 and 2004. Our aggregate data collection team has extensive experience in assembling data on election outcomes throughout the EU and on other elements of the electoral context. The manifestos team has coded the programmes adopted by European political parties at all previous European Parliament elections and has close links with scholars who have studied party manifestos at the national level since the 1970s. These teams contain scholars from partner institutions in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe with whom we have longstanding collaborative experience.

Additional institutions and scholars belong to the PIREDEU infrastructure as collaborators who are of great importance to the design effort since they will help to guarantee the quality of data collected in the pilot study by checking the sampling frames and translations intended to be used in their countries, and by attending (and recruiting other interested scholars to attend) the three conferences at which the collaborators and other members of the user community will be included.

A list of institutions and collaborating researchers is provided. The PIREDEU partners’ database provides you with extended information about the researchers involved in PIREDEU project and (in autumn 2008) the national experts that are part of the User Community.

Page updated: 13/06/08
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