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PIREDEU Open Forum - How to Submit a Proposal or a Comment

When you are a registered member of the Open Forum, you can submit a proposal or comment on other members’ proposal. Each of the data components have study-specific requirements and criteria in addition to those listed here. Information on these study-specific requirements is listed in the description of each individual forum. In general, successful proposals should contain the following information:

  • An explicit argument about why the proposed question/coding category merit inclusion in one or more of the PIREDEU data components.
  • An explicit argument about the conceptual and theoretical foundations of the question/coding category. Evidence about the empirical performance (as established in past research) of such questions/coding categories will also make a proposal more persuasive.
  • An explicit case for how the question/coding category facilitates integration and linking of several data components. The PIREDEU Steering Committee will favour proposals that allow for conceptual integration across the five data components.
  • An explicit consideration of how the proposed question/coding category links with questions/coding categories in past data collection efforts.  For example, if the proposal advocates asking a question that the European Election Study or the Candidate Study have asked in the past, the proposal will be more persuasive if it includes explicit evidence about the breadth and depth of the question’s previous usage and impact in the scholarly literature. 

We also invite registered members to post comments on a proposal, or reply to the comments of others.  During the Proposal Period, members of the Open Forum can comment on the proposals of other members. During the Comments Only Period (see Timetable and Deadlines), the individual Data Teams will invite comments on their preliminary questionnaires and coding schemes. The PIREDEU Steering Committee will learn from comments on the Open Forum how ideas stand up to public scrutiny. As already mentioned, the most credible proposals will be ones that: follow the posted criteria, have the potential to provide value to the PIREDEU user community, allow for linkages across data components and with past studies, and elicit supportive responses.

Page updated: 5/03/08
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