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PIREDEU Open Forum

A key element of the PIREDEU pilot study is consultation with the wider research community, through an open procedure, that allows us to take the research needs and preferences of the user community into account when designing the data collection instruments.

The PIREDEU Open Forum is the cornerstone of this consultation procedure. The Open Forum welcomes anyone who wants to make constructive contributions to the design of any aspect of the PIREDEU data collection instruments. Any Internet user can view the Open Forum, but posting something may only be done by people who have registered for membership. After registering [link to registration page], members may write proposals advocating the inclusion of new questions in the questionnaires or new coding categories for other data collection instruments. Members are also eligible to post comments about each proposal, and proposal authors can update or revise their proposals in response to advice they receive.

The goal of the Open Forum is to improve the quality and scientific value of each of our data collections, to encourage the submission of new ideas, and to make such experiences more beneficial to individual scholars.

We welcome proposals and comments on each of five data collection components of the PIREDEU study. The Open Forum also includes a General Forum where registered users can make comment about general aspects of the PIREDEU infrastructure and make suggestions that relate to more than one of the data components:

  1. General Forum [direct link to Forum section]
  2. Voter survey [direct link to Forum section]
  3. Candidate survey [direct link to Forum section]
  4. Media study [direct link to Forum section]
  5. Manifesto study [direct link to Forum section]
  6. Contextual data [direct link to Forum section]

The Open Forum allows members to give their input in many ways, including the following:

  • Proposals for questions to be used in the voter and/or candidate surveys.
  • Proposals for coding categories for the media and/or manifesto study.
  • Comments on other scholars’ proposals.
  • Suggestion for exclusion/inclusion on questions/coding categories used in previous European data collection efforts (including the European Election Studies).
  • Suggestions for collection of contextual data in the 27 electoral contexts.

The Open Forum will allow PIREDEU decision-making to be open, transparent, and constructive. This Open Forum aims to constitute a forum for scholars to offer each other constructive feedback, a vehicle for improving and amending proposals, and an opportunity to assess the extent to which a particular proposal is supported by previous empirical work, current theory, and/or a sizeable scholarly community. We warmly invite everyone who is interested in the PIREDEU study, and the individual data collection projects, to take part in this process.


Page updated: 24/04/08
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