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Design of Manifesto Study
The scientific objectives of the group responsible for the Design of the Manifesto Study are to
  • carry out a content analysis of all party manifestos drafted for the 2009 European elections in all 27 member states of the EU.
  • ensure that the data can be linked to the other data collected in this design study.

The starting point for the content analysis of Euro-Manifestos are theories on party competition, which take into consideration mechanisms such as spatial competition vs. issue emphasis; relative position of the relevant actors vs. issue saliency and issue competence; and the degree of ideological polarisation of the electoral system.

The proposed Euromanifesto Coding Scheme (EMCS) includes a range of policy domains: external relations, freedom and democracy, political system, economy, welfare and quality of life, fabric of society and social groups. They are further divided into 69 content categories.
In addition to the existing coding scheme, we welcome proposals and comments from the social science community on new coding categories and themes (see Open Forum).

When this consultation exercise is finalised, the manifesto study team will first develop a codebook for the pilot study.  This will be presented in a report, which once approved will be tested. Beyond expert coding we will prepare computerised coding by translating pdf –files into txt-files. We will also code the position of the entire manifesto with regard to six dimension including left-right, libertarian-authoritarian, religious-secular, state intervention-free enterprise, multiculturalism-ethnocentrism, pro EC/EU integration-anti integration. The manifestos will be uploaded to this website in both text file and pdf format.

We will make the coded data and associated codebook publicly available.

After the data are delivered, a codebook will be made and a report will be written on the quality of the data. The team will thereafter evaluate the pilot study and provide a report that will outline technical and design aspects of the pilot study. This report will serve as an input for the overall scientific and technical evaluation. These evaluations will eventually lead to the conceptual design report.

Page updated: 11/03/08
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