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Management of the Design Study  

The EUI as the co-ordinating partner for the Consortium is responsible for the overall management of the PIREDEU project.

The PIREDEU Project Manager is, in close cooperation with the Scientific Director and other colleagues at the EUI, responsible for the daily management of the Consortium over the full duration of the project. This includes taking charge of collective activities for the Consortium (including the web site), maintaining close liaison with the data collection team leaders, and administering the budget for management costs and the budget for ‘collective goods’ (primarily the surveys of voters and elites). The Project Manager will ensure that work progresses to schedule, that deliverables are produced, and that appropriate periodic reporting is carried out.

Furthermore, the different departments of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies will support both the Scientific Director and the Project Manger in the implementation of the collective goods activities, in particular the Publications and Web Unit and the Conference Centre of the RSC. The Academic Service of the EUI will provide continuous support to the Consortium on all financial and legal matters related to the European Commission’s Framework Programme.

PIREDEU Project Manager: Ingo Linsenmann (acting)

Page updated: 5/03/08
Funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme