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European Election Studies 2004

In 2004 no central funding was obtained for a European Parliament election study, and national study directors - rather than the international research group - funded and conducted the 2004 study in 24 of the 25 EU member-countries. Some of the activities of the EES 2004 were supported by CONNEX, a network of excellence funded by the European Commission under the 6th framework programme. The results are published in the CONNEX Report Series No. 1: European Elections after Eastern Enlargement edited by Michael Marsh, Slava Mikhaylov and Hermann Schmitt (see below, publications).

Information about the EES survey carried out in Slovakia can be found on the website of the Slovak Archive of Social Data.

As in 1999, the Euromanifesto project collected and coded party manifestos. For further information: Euromanifesto Homepage.

For the European Election Study (EES) Trend File and data from the EES surveys in 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004, see also the website of Michael Marsh and Slava Mikhaylov at Trinity College Dublin.

  • P. Matthew Loveless (Mannheim/Bloomington, now Oxford)

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An Audit of Democracy in the European Union


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Project Results Flyer
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