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European Election Studies 1999

This project studied the dynamics of issue evolution and the framing of political agendas at the time of the 1999 elections to the European Parliament. It did so by means of linked studies of party manifestos, the media, the voters and the elected representatives across all countries of the European Union. As a subsidiary objective it studied the evolution of the separate electorates of member countries towards a single European electorate.

A study of the media in six EU countries at the time of the 1999 elections to the European Parliament was funded by the Dutch NWO.

The interviewing of voters was funded by the Dutch NWO, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Mannheim, Trinity College, Connecticut, and others. Unlike previous studies, this one was not added as additional questions to an existing Eurobarometer study. Instead, a telephone survey of voters in each of the 15 member countries of the EU was conducted, with sample sizes roughly proportional to population (minimum sample size 300). The questionnaires were identical in all member states (apart from unavoidable variations due to language and institutional differences) and a large number of questions were identical to those used in the 1989 and 1994 studies, thus permitting over-time comparisons with voter behavior in the 1989 and 1994 elections.

Data from the voters study have been archived at the Steinmetz Archive at the University of Amsterdam (now hosted by the DANS – Data Archiving and Networked Services) and were released to the general scholarly community in March 2002. Extensive documentation and access to the data is available from the DANS website (direct link to the dataset details).

For the European Election Study (EES) Trend File and data from the EES surveys in 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004, see also the website of Michael Marsh and Slava Mikhaylov at Trinity College Dublin.

Data Release
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An Audit of Democracy in the European Union


EES Bibliography
Extensive bibliography for European Election Studies

Project Results Flyer
Download the PIREDEU Results Brochure (long) [ pdf - 1.2MB]

Project Results Flyer
Download the PIREDEU Results Brochure (short) [ pdf - 950KB]

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