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PIREDEU Data Committee  

In order to assure high quality data, a number of specific procedures are adopted that it is hoped will ensure against the sort of data problems that have plagued past studies of European Parliament Elections.

An important role is envisaged in the design study (and hence in the pilot study of the 2009 EP elections) for a Data Committee which will be responsible for the overall quality and integrity of the data collected in the pilot study and for evaluating the procedures involved in ensuring data quality in an eventual infrastructure created on the basis of our design. That Data Committee will focus on the measurement quality of survey instruments, the quality of the linkage mechanisms embedded in the data, the comparability of the questions asked in different components of the pilot study, and (in two subcommittees) the quality of the sampling frames and of the questionnaire translations employed for the pilot study in the 27 EU member countries.

We are strongly aware of problems of sampling and translation that need to be overcome in any study of this sort, which is why we have provided special-purpose subcommittees to focus on these problems. A Deputy Chair for Data Integrity, Susan Banducci, will monitor the work of four of the workpackages to ensure comparable coding standards.

The Data Committee is part of the Technical Feasibility study component.

Page updated: 5/03/08
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