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Bibliography on the EES

This database does not only include bibliographical references to former European Election Studies but includes in addition relevant publications of the main PIREDEU researchers considering the projectís key themes: European elections, Democracy, Citizenship, Political Parties, Electoral Behaviour, Media, Candidates, Party Manifestos.

Current number of entries: 1027
Entries marked as related to former EES studies: 225
(as of 2 August 2012)
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You can access the bibliography either by browsing particular election studies (scroll down) or by filling in the search form that follows.

If you wish to browse the entire collection, simply leave the fields 'authors' and 'title' blank, select 'all years', and press 'find records'. If you select only one specific year, the result will be all records published in this specific year.




Year Published



Alternatively, choose bibliographical reference according to the relevant EES or the relevant elections to the European Parliament. These are entries in the database that are clearly marked as scientific output from previous European Election Studies. However, database entries not covered by these selections can nevertheless also refer to EES between 1979 and 2004.

EES 1979

EES 1984

EES 1989

EES 1994

EES 1999

EES 2004

EES 2009


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