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APSA Short Course - New Opportunities, New Challenges: The CSES & EES Data Sets

The CSES and PIREDEU organised a joint short course on electoral research using data from the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) and the European Election Studies (EES) series. This short course took place during the APSA Conference, 2 September 2009, Toronto, Canada.

The CSES contributors provided participants with a broad overview of the data set that constitutes the CSES, developed an appreciation of the wide variety of research questions that can be addressed with CSES data, and exploreed some of the methodological challenges that are involved in using multi-level data. The ESS contributors provided participants an introduction to the content and the analytical possibilities of the EES as an instrument of comparative studies on electoral politics, political parties, political behavior, representation and European integration. During the afternoon session, the instructors assisted participants on issues and concerns that arise in their own research. The short course was open to graduate students and faculty members who wanted to learn more about the current state of cross-national electoral research.

Page updated: 29/10/09
Funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme