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Members of Study Component Technical Feasibility

Banducci, Susan

Associate Professor
Department of Politics
University of Exeter
Deputy Chair for Data Integrity
Member of Steering Committee

Franklin, Mark

Stein Rokkan Professor of Comparative Politics
Department of Political & Social Sciences
European University Institute
Chair of Steering Committee
Work Package Leader

Kritzinger, Sylvia

Head of Department
Department of Methods in Social Sciences
University of Vienna
Member of Steering Committee

Marsh, Michael

Professor of Comparative Political Behaviour and Head of School of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Trinity College

Mochmann, Ekkehard

Quandt, Markus

Acting Departmental Director
Data Archive & Data Analysis
German Social Science Infrastructure Services

Sapir, Eliyahu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Methods and Data Institute
University of Nottingham

van der Eijk, Cees

Director of Methods and Data Institute
Law, Social Science and Education
University of Nottingham
Member of Steering Committee
Work Package Leader

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