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Dr. Markus Quandt

Acting Departmental Director, German Social Science Infrastructure Services, Data Archive & Data Analysis

Project Involvement: Component: Technical feasibility


German Social Science Infrastructure Services
Data Archive & Data Analysis
Bachemerstr. 40
D-50931 Cologne
E-Mail: markus.quandt@gesis.org
Telephone: +49-221-4769425
Fax: +49-221-4769444
Homepage institution:
Personal homepage:
Biographical Note:
Markus Quandt (Dr., Faculty of National Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne, 2007). He has worked as a researcher and lecturer in different positions at the University of Cologne and at the German Social Science Infrastructure GESIS. He has participated in and published on research projects on change in electoral behaviour. He is also involved in several comparative research activities. Since 2004, he is in charge of the integration of the national survey data sets of the International Social Survey Programme. Temporarily, he also is the acting director of the department Data Archive and Data Analysis of GESIS in Cologne (formerly Central Archive for Empirical Research).


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