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Prof. Bruno de Witte

Dean of Studies, European University Institute, Law Department

Project Involvement: Member of Steering Committee


European University Institute
Law Department
Via Boccaccio 121
I-50133 Firenze
E-Mail: Bruno.DeWitte@eui.eu
Telephone: +39-055-4685728
Fax: +39-055-4685200
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Biographical Note:
Professor of European Law. Formerly University of Maastricht; appointed in March 2000; joint chair in European Union law with the Robert Schuman Centre.

Fields covered include: Institutional law of the European Union, including among others: relations between EU law and national law, and between international law and EU law; protection of fundamental rights; horizontal division of powers (between the institutions) and vertical division of powers (with the member states); sources of EU law.

European, international and comparative legal regulation of culture, media, education and language use, and the protection of minorities.

Dutch and Belgian public law.



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