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Dr. Pedro Magalh„es

Researcher, Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto de Ciencias Sociais

Project Involvement: Component: The design of the voter survey
Component: The design of the manifesto study
Component: Concluding the design study
Member of Steering Committee


Universidade de Lisboa
Instituto de Ciencias Sociais
Av. Professor Anibal de Bettencourt 9
P-1600-189 Lisbon
E-Mail: pedro.magalhaes@ics.ul.pt
Telephone: +351-217-804700
Fax: +351-217-940274
Homepage institution:
Personal homepage:
Biographical Note:
Pedro Magalh„es (Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Political Science, 2003) has published in the fields of electoral behaviour, political attitudes, public opinion and judicial politics, in journals such as Comparative Politics, West European Politics and International Journal of Public Opinion Research, among others. He is one of the executive coordinators of the Portuguese Election Study and was one of the National Study Directors of the European Election Study in Portugal. He is also one of the Portuguese national coordinators of the InTune (Integrated and United? A Quest for Citizenship in an Ever Closer Europe) 6th framework integrated project.


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