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Prof. Sylvia Kritzinger

Head of Department, University of Vienna, Department of Methods in Social Sciences

Project Involvement: Component: The design of the voter survey
Component: Technical feasibility
Component: Concluding the design study
Member of Steering Committee


University of Vienna
Department of Methods in Social Sciences
Universitätsstrasse 7
A-1010 Vienna
E-Mail: sylvia.kritzinger@univie.ac.at
Telephone: +43-1-427749001
Fax: +43-1-42779499
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Personal homepage:
Biographical Note:
Sylvia Kritzinger is Professor of Social Science Methodology at the Department of Methods in the Social Scienes of the University of Vienna from September 2007 on, with a particular focus on quantitative methods. Previously, Sylvia Kritzinger has been Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advances Studies (IHS), Vienna, one of Austria's postgraduate research and training institutes. She has published in the fields of European integration, public attitudes, public opinion and party politics in journals such as Science, European Union Politics, Government & Opposition and Journal of European Policy - working inter alia with Eurobarometer and European Social Survey data. She is involved in the planning of the Austrian National Election Study for 2010. In addition, she is a Steering Committee Member of the European Science Foundation scientific programme 'Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences' (QMSS).


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