Re-opening of Open Forum for second phase of consultation
Posted 1/8/2008 21:17 (#118)
Subject: Re-opening of Open Forum for second phase of consultation

Location: European University Institute

The PIREDEU Open Forum is open again for a second round of consultation.

The PIREDEU Steering Committee met at the end of June 2008 to evaluate each of the proposals from the first round of consultation, and all proposals were ranked according to their likelihood of being included in the final data collection instruments (see thread of Sara Hobolt below and her answers to the individual proposals in the various categories).

We have now uploaded a table of 'core concepts' for the study. This table contains the core concepts that should be included in 2009 PIREDEU Pilot Study. This table only contains a list of core concepts that will be explored across the five data collection instruments, when possible. It is not a complete list of all items to be included in the questionnaires/coding schemes.

You can open the table here:

During this second, comment-only period (until January 2009), users are invited to comment on these core concepts.

In September 2008, the five individual Data Teams will make the preliminary draft questionnaires/coding schemes available on the Open Forum to allow users to make specific comments on these (question wording etc.), yet without the possibility to propose entirely new questions/themes. These preliminary draft questionnaires/coding schemes will follow the core concepts presented above. Thereafter, the Steering Committee will forge a final version of the questionnaire.

Draft questionnaires and coding schemes should be uploaded by the team leaders from 15 September 2009 onwards.


Best regards

Ingo Linsenmann

PIREDEU Project Manager


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