Questions linking up with EU Profiler
Posted 15/6/2008 20:34 (#69)
Subject: Questions linking up with EU Profiler


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Reading Patrick Domont's post about the Lisbon treaty reminded me to check for posts regarding the EU Profiler project and I see none, so (much as he has done) I want to insert a placeholder regarding collaboration with the EU Profiler project. Because that project will create Voter Advice Applications on websites in each EU member country and will invite prospective voters in each country to take advice on how to vote, given information that each user provides regarding their policy preferences, the EES will have a major opportunity to evaluate the impact of VAAs on turnout, party choice, political interest, knowledge, etc. To this end we need to ask at least two questions:

1. In the weeks before the European Parliament elections did you visit a website offering advice about how to vote in those elections on the basis of your values, ideas, and policy preferences?

(if yes)
2. Do you recall the name of the website concerned?

(preferably provide a list of the names of any VAAs known to be operating in the country of the respondent - but at the very least mention EU Profiler and other).
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